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Level up in your med studies with AMBOSS

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Learn how to excel in med school with AMBOSS & ANKI on April 26th at 6pm NZT! We will show you and all med students at Otago how to study effectively with AMBOSS and how you can set yourself up with the two most powerful study tools combined. Our AMBOSS & ANKI expert Sushank Paliwal will share helpful tips and tricks on how to scale your ANKI deck and learning to the next level.

All attendees will receive a 14-day free AMBOSS PLUS trial code and there is a chance to win 3 months of AMBOSS PLUS access during a quiz challenge towards the end of the session.

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Dr. Kim Kotte – Licensed physician in Germany & Australia, Partnerships Manager – Oceania

Sushank Paliwal: 4th year student and tutor at Bond university, ANKI expert